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FOR EVERY BRIDE, read this!

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FOR EVERY BRIDE, read this!


You want to become visible? Think about design!

Since you were a little girl, have you ever imagined how this exceptional and most important day of your life – your wedding day – would look like? Have you ever wondered how your white wedding gown would look like, where your wedding party would take place? And now, when it came to organizing this spectacular event, the abundance of various activities makes you a little confused and you are anxious that you might have overlooked something? Take it easy, most of BRIDES get this feeling.

Like any other woman, you have probably wondered how to make this special day even more special and memorable. To stand out and make your wedding party an unforgettable experience for your wedding guests. A wedding dress, church, reception venue, invitations, flower decorations and many other things to deal with – in the heat of battle you may easily miss one, an equally important element of your wedding party, i.e. wedding decor. Not always can you rely on the furniture and accessories available in the showroom or restaurant. The chosen spot can be enriched with new elements of interior decor, e.g. furniture or decorative elements characterized by modern design. It is design that may become your key to success.

When adding new elements to the main venue or restaurant, the space should be given a new, unique dimension. One of the time-tested products which are ideal for evening events are LED furniture. Thanks to the possibility of illuminating in a colour of choice, designer sofas, poufs, tables, lamps, flower pots full of fresh flowers or spheres for hanging from the ceiling will help to create an unrivalled party ambience. Another fantastic solution is to organize a portion of a courtyard or garden in front of the main venue in a resourceful manner. White tents in various sizes and original shapes, rattan modular furniture with colourful cushions to enable setting them in any configuration, white bars or inflated sofas combined with designer, eco-friendly, white furniture made from pallets and boxes are only a few possible solutions. Another idea for surprising your guests is to organize a special space for children. A big hit with the children were rocking chairs, armchairs, tables and chairs in various colours. They help to organize a space friendly to children of any age.

These are only some of inspirations showing how to create a ‘wow’ effect among your guests suing simple means. There are a lot more opportunities. You need only a little bit of creativity or simply professional help.