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SELFIE WITH A CELEBRITY… Od Niechcenia working casually with RENT DESIGN


SodaStream Conference with Rent Design

In May, at the department store at 3, Mysia St, a press conference took place to introduce into the market a new machine, SodaStream, for carbonated beverages. Rent Design supported Walk PR, an agency which organized the event, in organizing the interior where the meeting was held.

This motif also provided the basis for the set design and interior decor during the conference. The 3D design and full organization of the meeting space were prepared by Od Niechcenia, a set design company. They designed for this meeting e.g. an eco-friendly bar and displays made from honeycomb boxes as well as a decorative curtain made from bottle bottoms and a chandelier made from plastic bottles filled with a colourful fluid. Additionally, the conference space featured – instead of a traditional white background for screens – natural plywood which was not only an original element of the set design, but it also perfectly matched the eco-friendly motif of the space decor.

This unusual arrangement was well complemented by eco-friendly furniture from Rent Design: new PALPUF sofas and PALTAB tables as well as colourful STICK chairs and white, elegant BOSCO tables combined with modern-looking METO bar chairs.